Now you can integrate your WooCommerce shop with Pacsoft Online and thus transfer data such as customer information and shipping information. The plug-in automatically creates freight notes in Pacsoft Online as soon as an order is placed in the web shop.

The integration is created for those who want to automate parts of or the entire logistics flow. We are convinced that this plugin can save you a lot of time if you handle all of the logistics manually today.

The plugin is approved by, which can be seen as a quality stamp related to code that correlates with WordPress and WooCommerce.


Automatic sync

You can choose to sync all relevant data to Pacsoft Online automatically after received order.

Sync manually

You can choose to sync all relevant data manually when it suits you best.

Map WooCommerce shipping methods

Under the plugin setup page, you can choose which shipping options in WooCommerce should correspond to Pacsoft Online services (package type).

SMS notification (via Pacsoft Online)

Turn on or off SMS notification functionality (For those who have this option in Pacsoft Online).

E-mail notification (via Pacsoft Online)

Turn on or off e-mail notification functionality (For those who have this option in Pacsoft Online).

Separate shipping containers per item in order

You can choose if you want to send separate packages for each item in an order.

Test mode

Enable test mode in the plugin settings to verify the integration.

How to install the plugin

Easiest way to install this extension is to enter the official WordPress directory through your WP admin login. Search for "Unifaun" and press Install. Go to the plugin setup page (Settings -> Pacsoft / Pacsoft Online) Select the Pacsoft Online account type. Then enter your "User ID" and Password (Password) received from Pacsoft Online (the same as you log into Then you enter the API key you received in an Onlineforce e-mail after your order.

When the above is completed you are done with the connection and can apply the settings for the data flow that suits you best.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to get started?

You need a WooCommerce installation, PHP version 5.6 or later with the curl extension, and an account with Pacsoft Online. Please note that this integration requires that you have Pacsoft Online's API service (XML posting) for your account. We can assist you with this if you are unsure.

What is the Pacsoft Online API service (XML posting) and how can I get it?

Pacsoft Online API service (XML posting) is an addon from Pacsoft Online that opens up your account for third party integrations such as this one.

You can buy the API service directly from us (without any additional cost) or from Pacsoft Online. We can take care of the process as an added value to avoid having multiple contacts involved. Whether you purchase the API service via us or from Pacsoft Online, the cost is 200 SEK per month. All prices are excl. VAT.

How does the synchronization of data work?

The integration is a one way bridge from WooCommerce to Pacsoft Online. Either, labels can be created automatically when an order enters WooCommerce, or manually via a button on the list of all orders. If you sync automatically, you must define what your shipping options in WooCommerce correspond to in Pacsoft Online, on the plug-in settings page.

Do I have to go to Pacsoft Online Online to print the labels?

Yes, but all relevant order data is already synced to Pacsoft Online, so you only need to press the print button. You can also print multiple labels at the same time to save even more time. There is also a shortcut from within WooCommerce which takes you to the print dialog for a single order.

How does the subscription work, can I pay monthly, quarterly or annually?

We offer a flexible payment plan. You can choose if you want to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

Is there any binding time?

No, you choose your own payment cycle, and you simply have to pay the invoices that are sent to you. The service is always billed in advance for the forthcoming license period.

Is there any demo version of the plugin?

No, but there is a video here on this page that shows the functionality of the integration.

Is technical support included with the service?

Yes, technical support via e-mail from the plugins developers listed above is included in the price. Phone support, and consultancy not related to the plugin is billed hourly at 1150 SEK per hour excl. VAT.

Can you help me install the plugin?

Of course, we offer "hands-on" installation. This is billed hourly at 1150 SEK per hour, excl. VAT.

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