Our partner program is designed for web agencies and consultants that want to provide the market with professional service and better business value. If you take on consulting work, build smart plugins and help e-commerce owners to get things done, we have a proposal for you. Upload your code to our marketplace and let us sell it, again and again.

Our offer includes guidelines to help you create a great plugin, licensing of your code, and best of all - we will sell your plugin and help you reach more customers.

As a partner at Onlineforce, you will have access to a great licensing system that automatically suspends non-paying customers. We also handle invoicing, collections as well as pre-sales for your product.


You get 60% of all the income from sales of your licensed code in our marketplace, and 100% of all the income from generated consulting work. If you want to generate more recurring income for your company, this partner program is the perfect solution.

Preparing your files before upload

Organize your files

  1. Make sure you have a well-organized file structure for your plugin. Document your code to ensure that it is easy to understand, and thoroughly describe how to install and get started with your plugin.

  2. Choose one or more categories that best fit your plugin: Logistics, invoicing, bookkeeping, CRM, stock management, point-of-sale, quotes

  3. Make sure your code follows industry standards, and test your code by running it in production.

  4. Give us a demonstration.

If you upload code:

  1. WordPress or WooCommerce code that is sold on our marketplace is always licensed under GPL. You are expected to handle technical support for our mutual customers. You are also responsible for maintenance of your code through regular updates, in order to request payment of generated revenue. This is easily done in our Partner program web portal.

Check commercial rights and upload:

  1. Check that you have the right to use your code for commercial sales purposes. You have the responsibility that the code you upload and sell on our marketplace is licensed for this purpose. Be sure that your code includes the GNU General Public Licence v3 (GPLv3) in the plugins zip file.

Create a help-file:

  1. This includes brief instructions on how to install your plugin, how to customize its settings, and how to use the plugin. The instructions must be written in English and formatted as a PDF file. Please be aware that the buyer can have very limited technical knowledge of code or WordPress / WooCommerce, so try to be as clear as possible using graphics if needed. You can also create a how-to video, but not as a replacement for textual instructions.

Please note: The buyer of your plugin can have very limited knowledge of WordPress and WooCommerce. Always treat the buyer as a beginner. Make sure that the plugin's thumbnail, title, description and tags follow our standards

  1. Upload your code and start selling!