The WooCommerce Fortnox integration eliminates manual tasks that often trouble retailers. The plugin syncs information such as customers, orders, inventory, prices, and articles from WooCommerce to Fortnox.

The synchronization of data runs when an order in WooCommerce gets the status "processing" or "completed". You can choose if the plugin should create an invoice in Fortnox, and also if the invoice should be book kept automatically.

This is a one-way bridge to Fortnox, but we also provide an add-on that enables fetching of article inventory and price lists from Fortnox. Contact us if you want to learn more about the double sync add-on.

The plugin is approved by, which means that you can install the plugin directly in your WordPress dashboard under five minutes.



Syncs all your orders automatically or manually from WooCommerce to Fortnox.


Automatically create invoices when syncing orders, and book keep them automatically.


The plugin supports all currencies that Fortnox supports.

Bookkeeping settings

The plugin automatically fetches your bookkeeping settings, such as accounts, directly from Fortnox.

Articles & inventory

The plugin transfers the web shops articles and inventory to Fortnox, so that your inventory stays in sync.

Tax / VAT

Support for all tax rules when selling in Sweden, in the EU, as well as export.

Price lists

The prices in your web shop syncs to chosen price lists in Fortnox.

Payment options

Specify which payment options you use, and they will be added to orders in Fortnox in the form of comments.


The plugin automatically syncs customer data to the customer database in Fortnox.

Så här installerar du pluginet

There is a getting started guide that you can follow. It contains everything you need to get started.

You can easily install the plugin from your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to "plug-ins", press "Add new" and replace for "WooCommerce Fortnox", then press install. Enter your license key that you receive from us when you order, to the plugins settings page, which you can find under "Settings -> Fortnox". When this is done, you must create an integration authorization code from Fortnox. You can generate this key by logging in to your Fortnox account. Press your name in the top right corner, and then press "Manage users". Press "Add integration" and replace for "". Press the replace result and copy the code, which you will paste into the plugin settings page. Save all settings and press the "check" buttons next to the two fields. Make sure that your Fortnox account has the modules "Order", "Book keeping" and "Invoice".

When the above is done, the integration is ready and you can apply the settings that suit you the best.

Vanliga frågor och svar

What modules do I need in Fortnox?

Order / quotes, invoice, book keeping, integration.

Are there any other costs other than 295 SEK / month?

No, the standard plugin (without add-ons) is only 295 SEK excl. VAT per month.

How does the synchronization of data work?

The standard integration is a one-way bridge between the web shop (WooCommerce) and Fortnox. If you want, you can add additional functionality that enables synchronization in both directions. This requires an add-on and is common if you have more than one web shop, or if you have a physical store or inventory management system that needs to stay in sync with the web shop.

Can I use this plugin if I have more than one web shop?

Yes, you can integrate multiple web shops. This requires a separate license per installation, and if data must be synced between the shops, you need the add-on for double-sync.

Can I use this plugin with a POS system?

Yes, you can use this plugin in combination with a point-of-sale system that is also supported by Fortnox. This requires a separate license per installation and the add-on for double-sync.

How does the subscription work, can I pay monthly, quarterly or annually?

We offer a flexible payment plan. You can choose if you want to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

Is there any binding time?

No, you choose your own payment cycle, and you simply have to pay the invoices that are sent to you. The service is always billed in advance for the forthcoming license period.

Is there any demo version of the plugin?

No, but there is a video here on this page that shows the functionality of the integration.

Is technical support included with the service?

Yes, technical support via e-mail from the plugins developers listed above is included in the price. Phone support, and consultancy not related to the plugin is billed hourly at 1150 SEK per hour excl. VAT.

Can you help me install the plugin?

Of course, we offer "hands-on" installation. This is billed hourly at 1150 SEK per hour, excl. VAT.

How does the sync of articles work?

Articles are synced when an order that contains the articles are transfered to Fortnox. You can also enable automatic sync of articles, which updates the products in Fortnox as soon as they are saved in WooCommerce. The fields that are sent to Fortnox are:

  • Article number (SKU)
  • Title
  • Price, unit
  • Stock level
  • Dimensions and weight
How does the sync of orders work?

You can either choose to sync orders when they get the specified order status or to sync them manually with a button in the WooCommerce order list. All of the articles in an order must have valid article numbers in WooCommerce. The flow is as follows:

  1. The plugin creates or updates the customer that the order belongs to.
  2. The plugins create or updates all articles that belong to the order.
  3. If the order exists in Fortnox already but isn't invoiced, it will be updated. If not, it will be created.
  4. If you've chosen to create an invoice, this happens now.
  5. If you've chosen to book keep the invoice, this happens now.
Can the plugin handle variable products?

Yes, variable products in WooCommerce are treated as regular articles in Fortnox. The plugin can ignore the "master product" when syncing. For example, if you have "T-shirt" as a master product, with a product variation of "T-shirt - medium", the "T-shirt - medium" article is synced to Fortnox.

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