Currently in beta. Visma WooCommerce eEkonomi eliminates manual workflows that prevent e-commerce sites to grow. The plugin transfers information such as customers, orders, inventory and articles. You choose which order status in WooCommerce that will trigger the syncronization of orders to Visma.

When the orders have been synchronized to Visma, you can easily convert them to invoices from Visma eEkonomis dashboard, and then bookkeep them and send to your customers.



Orders synchronized by the plugin can easily be converted to invoices in Visma eEkonomi.


Synchronize your WooCommerce products automatically or manually to Visma eEkonomi.


Synchronize your WooCommerce orders automatically or manually to Visma eEkonomi.


Update the inventory in Visma eEkonomi so that it's in sync with your WooCommerce inventory.


The plugin can handle orders with foreign currencies, with automatic currency conversion as well.

Tax / VAT

Support for all tax rules when selling to Sweden, to EU countries and export.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get access to the integration?

This integration is in a beta phase. The developers (Wetail) will accept new users by its best endeavours. If you order the integration, you initially pay for a month, and will then get contacted by Wetail with more information on how to get started. Since this integration is a beta, we will extend your license with two months, free of charge.

What is required for the plugin to work?
  • A HTTPS certificate for your WordPress website
  • A license key for the plugin, which you get after ordering
  • A "callback-url" in your WooCommerce installation, this is provided by Wetail
What does the core synchronisation flow look like?

When an order is synchronized, the customer that the order belongs to is first updated or created. The products are synchronized automatically in the same fashion. When the customer and the products are synchronised, the order will be sent to Visma.

How does the synchronisation of products work?

Synchronisation of products happen:

  • Automatically when synchronizing an order
  • Automatically when saving a product in WooCommerce, if you've activated “Synchronize products automatically” on the settings page.
  • Manually from the list of products in WooCommerce
How does the synchronisation of orders work?

Synchronisation of orders happen:

  • When the order gets set to the chosen status for synchronisation. This can be set per payment method, or disabled completely.
  • Automatically when an order is saved, if you've activated “Synchronize orders automatically” on the settings page.
  • Manually from the list of orders in WooCommerce
How does the synchronisation of customers work?

Synchronisation of customers happen automatically when an order is synchronized.

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