WooCommerce Billogram is a WordPress plugin that saves your lot's of time. You can easily create invoices in Billogram from your WooCommerce orders. You can also automatically send the invoices directly to your customers, and the invoice payments are automatically book-kept for you.

The plugin is approved by, which means that you can install the plugin directly in your WordPress dashboard under five minutes.


Easier bookkeeping

The plugin can regardless if payment happens in Billogram also sync your orders and products to Billogram. A file is created every month that you can use in a bookkeeping system.

Automatic invoicing

The integration automatically creates an invoice in Billogram as soon as an order is created in WooCommerce. The invoices can automatically be sent to the customer, or end up as a draft which you manually send.

Recurring invoicing

With WooCommerce Billogram and WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can easily send recurring invoices to your customer, perfect for subscriptions.

Choose your own terms

You choose your own invoicing costs and fees with WooCommerce Billogram.

Honest price

The price of this integration compared to the cost of manually creating hundreds of invoices is tiny.

Free support via e-mail

Our developers help you if you run into issues with the plugin. You have unlimited access to the support team via e-mail.

Vanliga frågor och svar

What do I need to get started?

You need an installation of WordPress with WooCommerce, and an account with Billogram.

Is there any binding time?

No, you choose your own payment cycle, and you simply have to pay the invoices that are sent to you. The service is always billed in advance for the forthcoming license period.

Are there any other costs other than 295 SEK / month?

No, the standard plugin (without add-ons) is only 295 SEK excl. VAT per month.

Can I use this plugin if I have more than one web shop?

Yes, you can integrate multiple web shops. This requires a separate license per installation.

How does the subscription work, can I pay monthly, quarterly or annually?

We offer a flexible payment plan. You can choose if you want to pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

How does the synchronization of inventory work?

WooCommerce Billogram updates the inventory as soon as Billogram has recieved payment of the invoice. When this happens, a callback is sent to your WooCommerce site. If you instead want to update inventory when an order is placed, you can choose this under the plugin settings page. Set "Decrease inventory" to "On order".

Is the plugin compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions for recurring invoicing?

Yes. From version 2.0 and onwards, there is support for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

Orders are not synced to Billogram, why?

The integration gives you two different options to sync an order from WooCommerce to Billogram. You can choose between syncing invoices to Billogram with the status "Live". This invoice will then be sent to your customer via e-mail or traditional post. The other option is to sync the invoice as a draft to Billogram, and you will have to login to Billogram to approve the invoice before it's sent to your customer. Both types of sync is executed when an order status is "processing" in WooCommerce.

Products are not synced to Billogram, why?

If you create a product and save it as a draft in WooCommerce, the product is not seen in Billogram. The sync will only happen when the product is published.

Is technical support included in the service?

Yes, technical support via e-mail from the plugins developer listed under the order button on the top of this page is included. Phone support and consulting for issues not related to the plugin in billed 1150 SEK hourly (excl. VAT).

Can you help me with the installation?

Of course, we offer “hands-on” installation. This is billed 1150 sek per hour (excl. VAT).

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